Produce Pete's Third Generation Family Business Since 1953

Pete Sr. and Louise Napolitano managed and operated a family owned farm/produce business for retail, wholesale, and fruit baskets. Pete Jr. (Produce Pete) has been in the produce business his whole life, and started out selling produce off the back of a truck at auctions and at his parents' roadside stand.

Produce Pete's family started their produce business in Bergenfield, New Jersey in 1953.  Pete owned and operated this family business from 1969 until 1997 when he retired from the retail business.  The business included farm fresh produce most of the year.  At Christmas it included  Christmas trees, wreaths, and fruit baskets. During Easter we sold various plants, gourmet baskets and fruit baskets.   Mother's Day we would sell plants, fresh cut flowers, fruit baskets. At Halloween;  pumpkins, corn stalks, etc. The produce store was open between April and December with retail, wholesale, and fruit baskets.

Pete is 69 years old and has been in the produce business since the age of 4 and peddled door-to-door and met many interesting people. He has worked with customers all his life and enjoys people. In this economy, with two people in the household working there is a need for good advice on what to buy and how to prepare it with homemade recipes - keeping the cost down. "In my sleep I could pick out good produce". "I make it simple, like "heavy in the hand" for all citrus and "apples with a stem are less mealy" - common sense approach.

Over the past 65 years he has developed and exchanged recipes with thousands of interesting people. In addition to the stock recipes he has well over 100 unique and exciting personal recipes and receives on the average of 500 to 1,000 requests per week for his selected recipes.